About Us

Our vision is to offer an innovative and unique line of certified organic and all-natural products to benefit both humans and their dogs together. Allowing them the opportunity to experience serenity and an overall sense of wellness in their own environment! After all...they are family!

Everyone deserves a sense of PEACE and SERENITY... including our canine family members! I have struggled with anxiety problems my entire life and have watched family members, friends and even my dog struggle as well. I grew up the granddaughter of a zoo director and was exposed to many different animals at a very early age. Although I still love ALL animals, my passion for dogs continues to grow. This love for canines and my struggles with anxiety combined with my study of peace and relaxation through my background as a Spa owner and developer, has given me the unique experience needed to design a line of organic and all-natural products to be enjoyed by both dogs and their humans together.

Karen Finkle – Founder